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My First Unscheduled Maintenance

In order to make some changes to my database, I needed to make an unscheduled maintenance for my website. I'm not expecting a lot of traffic to my blog. I need to add a description field in my administration panel for my website so that I can check to see if everything goes well in my end. I am new to MySQL replication, which allows me to automatically push data from my development MySQL server to my production server. If all goes well, my website should be up and running soon. Hopefully in less than an hour.

The reason why the description field is important is so when anyone searches my website from Google, I want the description of my site and the article to show up in search engines.

Update as of 11:46 PM EDT: I bought my website back online and everything did not go smoothly as planned. I have two databases in my development server and only one database in my production server. In my development server, I have a "reader" database and an "admin" database. The two databases are there for privilege separation, so in an event of a SQL attack, a criminal hacker can't cause damage to my production database and I do not want administrative functions such as writing a blog article in my production server. So, other than manually using mysqldump and pushing the SQL file to my production database, I am wondering if there some form of version control system for my production database... That way, I can commit changes from my administration panel and push changes to my production server's database.

Anyway, all is well, I hope...

Update as of 1:40 AM EDT: Okay, I'll have to push database changes the old fashion way by using mysqldump from my development server and pushing changes to my production server. Pushing changes to my production server will drop all the tables and recreate them with my changes I made from my development server and I only need to update the rows in the database table and nothing else.