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Speed Improvements For Mobile Users

The paragraph below is for people with eyesight and is not applicable for those who use screen readers such as Jaws, NVDA, or in a GNOME desktop running in Linux, Orca. However, if anyone with low vision are using Voiceover for iPhone or Talkback for Android, the reduced file size can be beneficial.

Today, I've been thinking about how fast the web page can load for desktop and mobile browsers. The reason why I want to optimize my website for mobile users is so I want to get the time it takes to load the content in under 2 seconds and even better, in just 1 second. For mobile users, instead of loading a header with a resolution of 1500 by 500, I reduced the resolution to 750 by 250 pixels. This results in reduced file size in order to cut down on how much data is transferred to a mobile device when using a cellular connection.

Plus, images below the browser's visible area of the screen won't load until you scroll down and read more content. This is called "lazy-loading." When a "lazy-loading" is set for images, your web browser only loads images that it needs to load and not load any images that are hidden from view. This results in faster loading times for anyone visiting my website.

Anyway, I hope my speed improvements can be of use for anyone who can use only a limited mount of data and for those who have a very slow connection to the Internet. Happy surfing!