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Category: Multimedia Productivity, subcategory of The World of Computers

Mic Comparison: Shure MX185 Cardioid vs Movo LV8-D Omni-Directional Lavalier Microphone

Here's a link to a video on Odysee's website:

A microphone comparison video that leads to a website for playing a video

Embedding any videos from any external sources will insert tracking cookies in your computer or mobile device so I decided to link a video instead. Even in the US, I have to comply with Europe's GDPR as I want to allow all visitors to visit my site. Inserting any kind of tracking cookies is against my privacy policy. I would like to upload my videos to my website; however, videos take up a lot of space and that's why I uploaded my video regarding the mic comparison to Odysee.

This is a comparison of two lavalier microphones. Recently, I bought a Shure MX185 cardioid lavalier microphone as I want to test if a uni-directional (cardioid) microphone is right for me, especially if I want to test and hear if my AKG K702 headphone leaks sound to my microphone especially for the Zoom meeting. I bought a Movo LV8-D microphone as of late October so I can participate in Zoom meeting that began November of last year. The Zoom meeting I am participating in is Cisco Academy from National Industries for the Blind. I'm studying for Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate (CCNA, for short) and my class ends by the end of August. I asked if students and my instructor can hear any leaks coming from my K702 headphone and they said they did not hear any leaks at all, which is great. However, I have a Sony WX1000XM3 headphone and because of the shape of my headphone, I don't think my hearing aids are picking up any high frequency sounds unlike when I use my AKG open-back headphone.

I plan to ship my Shure microphone back because the uni-direction nature of a lavalier microphone is not for me, especially as I was reading from left to right as i read the script during the recording.

Do note that even though I did cut out a couple of pauses in my audio production software (Ardour), I tend to speak slow as speaking at a moderate speed for more than a minute is not my second nature. As I live in Altha, FL, a rural town in the United States, I've been very lonely a lot even when I go to restaurants with my family. Plus, I did not position the text inside the dialog in the first part of the video correctly. I do not want to waste another 45+ minutes trying to render the entire video using Blender. Although as a Linux user, I could have used KDenLive instead of Blender; however, as Blender is a very easy tool for me to use, I used it for the majority of my video editing. My familiarity with KDenLive is secondary to Blender.

When I zoom in using GNOME Magnifier (Windows key+Alt+8 to activate the magnifier and Windows key+Alt+- or Windows key+Alt+= to zoom in or out, respectively), there is a small mouse cursor shown in the screen. I think it's a bug with the compositor that draws the entire application, be it Firefox, GIMP, or Ardour). Please ignore the small mouse cursor. Thanks.

Anyway, I appreciate you checking out my video that I linked above. Here are the links to products listed for the video:

Article published: 2021-06-08 12:30

Categories: The World of Computers, Multimedia Productivity