Privacy Policy

In order for me to comply with GDPR regulations, I must clearly state that I do not collect personally identifiable information. I will never ask you for a consent to store cookies in your computer. Plus, I do not use any form of analytics for gathering statistics. Content delivery networks that track your whereabouts by IP address is considered personal data and a CDN will not be used at all. This is for your privacy protection.

Enabling comments in my blog would require me to collect your name and email address, which is the reason why I won’t enable commenting. All visitors to my site should have the right to be anonymous.

However, when it comes to showing videos in my site that came from a third-party website such as YouTube or LBRY, I can only post a link to a video hosted by third party website (and even my videos that I made) and websites such as LBRY might ask you to consent to store a cookie in your computer and those websites would also use third party analytics tools that might store cookies in your computer.

So, when you visit my website, what happens on your computer, stays on your computer. In other words, I do not need all the personally identifiable information from you.

As much as I don’t like to have privacy policy, I feel that it’s important that I be transparent with everyone, even outside European countries. Please do enjoy visiting my website.